Build your own bot! 3 amazing tools to try. [No coding needed]


Want to build your own Bot for Facebook or Twitter and don't know where to start?

If like me, you want to build your own bot but don’t know how to code, then this article is for you.

Over the past year or so I have been playing around with 3 different online tools that are literally  ‘drag and drop’ builders for bots.

The use of bots for business has exploded in the past 12-18 months.

Both Facebook and Twitter opening up their platform allows tools like the ones below, to provide an easy to use way to create your own bot.

What can a bot do?

Most bot building tools provide a wide range of subset tools within their platform, including:

Do the bots play well with other tools?

These 3 tools provide a majority of these functions within their platforms. If you want more integration, you could also check out Zapier. 

Zapier is a connector tool and allows you to link an action within your bot, to external tools such as email marketing tools, CRM and more.

Here you can see the different ways Zapier integrates with Chatfuel

And, Manychat’s integrations with Zapier can be found here: 

Here are the tools I suggest you check out:

Manychat is a very robust tool for creating Facebook Messenger bots.

Manychat’s simple drag and link designer interface is perfect for those who want a simple solution to creating a Facebook messenger bot.

One of it’s unique selling points is it’s ‘growth tools’. These are a series of widgets and links you can create to allow customers the ability to interact with your bot via websites, ads and more. Each of these growth tools can start specific message sequences too, which is great when using targeted communication or ads.


Manychat offer a free plan that includes most of the basics you will need to get your bot up and running. You can then start to develop interactive conversations with customers.

To be able to use some of the more sophisticated elements of Manychat, you will need a pro plan and they start from just US $10/mo.

The plans will increase as the number of your subscribers increase.

Chatfuel is one of the most well known tools and been around the longest.

It provides a very easy to use editable tool to setup the different conversational flows you want your bot to have with your customers.

Chatfuel’s app integration is a great selling point for their platform. Being able to integrate directly to feed your blog articles or products from your store is very important for customer retention and driving traffic.


Just like other bot building tools, it does start of with a free plan that includes most of the basics you will need.

Chatfuel PRO starts from only US$15/month and this removes branding and provides data export options and more.

The more subscribers your bot gets, the more your monthly cost will be.

ris is a cross-platform bot building tool and one of the only ‘build your own’ tool that supports Twitter direct messaging bots.

Use their drag and connect canvas to build the conversation and workflows your bot will have with customers.


To create your bot on either Facebook or Twitter is free until you are ready to go live with it. This is a great way to ensure you are familiar with the platform and the flow your customers will have.

Their pricing starts from just US$5 /mo and this will include 3 scenarios and 2 accounts.

Additional Resources

As more and more non-techie marketeers venture into the bot building business, a series of help and resources is a must. Here are some great resources to check out and if you have any others you think should be added, feel free to add them below in the comments.

Sharing is Caring

Feel free to share your bots in the comments below and provide any suggestions, feedback and advice you have for newbies entering this space.

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