Paul Parsons

Digital Marketing Specialist

Based out of Perth, Australia, Paul Parsons is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with over 15 years experience.

He has helped businesses of various sizes, across 25+ countries, in 10+ industries build a more effective and lucrative online presence.

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Sometimes, all you need is a little gentle nudge in the right direction and that is something Paul prides himself on. 

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Paul works with a wide range of businesses to share his years of experience of creating integrated digital marketing strategies which incorporate social media, email marketing, lead generation, mobile marketing, online advertising and content marketing.


Having a well-trained team, or understanding your own business’ online opportunities is fundamental in this digital era of marketing. Paul works with business to create bespoke training and workshops that deliver a clear understanding of how to utilize the different digital channels to promote and engage with customers.


Paul has a unique understanding of how marketing technology and digital tools work and their potential for developing more efficient lead generation, a converting website or creating a customer focussed conversational marketing approach to your online presence.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Did you know there are 10 billion messages sent between people & business each month via Facebook Messenger?

Bots provide businesses with a 24/7 lead generation channel, the ability to build engagement and be able to communicate to potential customers through messenger which boast open rates of 80% and CTR’s 4-10 times higher than email.

Want to see how you can get one for your business?


This bot will help Café and Restaurant owners automate repetitive questions, share menu's and offers and create new bookings.


This bot will help hotel or BnB owners share details about their rooms, services, dining, as well as bookings.

Real Estate

Using this Real Estate bot will provide potential customers to see featured properties, search based on location, beds and bathrooms and more.

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