Hey, I'm

Paul Parsons

Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant

Specializing in strategy development and marketing technology (MarTec) adoption & integration.

You will find me enjoying a great tasting double espresso in Perth, Australia writing blogs on digital marketing, social media, bots and great digital marketing tools I come across.

About me.

I’m a pom who now lives in Perth with my beautiful wife, amazing daughter & diva-esque cat.

I’ve worked in digital for almost 2 decades across 3 continents.

I enjoy meeting other tech minded people so feel free to connect with me over a coffee.

Bit of a geek

I love technology and enjoy tinkering around with the latest gadget, new digital marketing tool or building something online.

Bit of a coffee snob

The taste of a great double espresso is one of my indulgences and I am always on the lookout for good spots in Perth.

Picker uppper of things

Who knew having a child would be so rewarding... and knackering! I'm a dad to an amazing little girl who has me wrapped around her little finger.

United fan

No I am not from Manchester, but have supported the red devils since before the internet and watch them whenever I can (on TV).

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