About Me

My name is Paul Parsons and welcome to my about me page.

Usually, in my industry, this is the sort of page where you would see paragraph upon paragraph of self-promotion and carefully drafted sentences ensuring the use of most topically relevant buzzwords, but that is not me and this is not that type of about me page.

I’m a very clear and transparent person when it comes to digital marketing, especially as it is becoming more and more difficult to know where to start, who or what to trust and even if something is actually relevant or needed for you or your business.

So below are the things you should know about me, in bullet form and a tweetable amount of characters of course.

› Born and raised in the UK, moved to Dubai, UAE where I lived for 11 years and now residing in Perth, Australia.

› I have 2 beautiful daughters whom I spoil with as much of my time as humanly possible and an incredible wife who always puts a smile on my face.

› I have a cat that my wife and I rescued, who now is the head of the household, or so she thinks.

Self-taught across all areas of my career, including digital marketing, web development, analytics, bot building and marketing automation.

› I enjoy learning things I don’t know, from people I have not met…yet.

I currently head up digital for MEA for a global process automation leader, listed on the NY Stock Exchange.

Creating a series of lead generating chatbots that provide a conversational marketing approach to a digital marketing strategy.

Building websites for businesses including property developers, musicians, restaurants and more.

Created and conducted digital marketing workshops for international hotel chains.

Data-driven digital marketing and social media strategies for multinational companies, as well as small businesses.

Developed social media guidelines for brands for industries including hospitality and property development.

Gain huge gratitude from educating people on what they can do to help drive digital for their brand or business.

Creating digital marketing strategies for companies across 10+ industries, in 25+ countries, including retail, hospitality, events, governmental and entertainment.

Almost 90% of the work I do comes from referrals, which I believe is one of my biggest accomplishments and I feel this reflects my work ethic and dedication perfectly.

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