About Me

As you might have already guessed from the website URL, I’m Paul Parsons and I am a data-driven marketing specialist based out of Perth, Australia.

I’m a very clear and transparent person when it comes to digital marketing, especially as it is becoming more and more difficult to know where to start, who or what to trust and even if something is actually relevant or needed for you or your business.

Me in a tweet: From the Uk, 11 years in Dubai, UAE and now a dad to 2 awesome little girls in Perth. Worked corporate and agency sides building strategies, MarTech and campaign for government, hospitality, oil & gas and more.

How I Help

Providing clear, transparent consultation, whilst always providing actionable, measurable and profitable advice to increase business.

Identifying the right technology fit for your business needs and budget and then set up, create and align with your strategy.

Throughout 2020 I will create a series of training courses sharing my experience across social media marketing, data-driven marketing & more.

Help is at hand

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